Thrivent Church Financing lends exclusively to Christian churches and organizations with a goal of helping them grow their ministries and facilities and make a difference in their local communities. We want to help you to be good stewards of the abundance God has given your church or group.

Loans to Fit Your Financial Needs

We offer traditional and flexible funding for:

  • Refinance of existing mortgage loans
  • Purchasing new property
  • Construction, expansion or renovation
  • Purchasing equipment for worship or facility needs
  • Repairs (parking lots, roofs, HVAC, etc.)

Product Offerings

Thrivent Church Financing offers a number of loan options to best serve your congregation. The goals of your ministry will be considered when determining loan details like maturity and amortization. While we feel our rates are highly competitive, we also believe that the best loan for your congregation is about more than just the lowest interest rate available.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Features

Interest rate does not change Rate fixed for duration Payment amount stays the same No balloon payment if maturity and amortization are the same

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Features

Interest rate adjusts at pre-set time periods Rate changes every 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 years
(depending on terms of loan)
Payment amount changes when rate resets No balloon payment if maturity and amortization are the same

Loan Qualification

Some of the factors we consider to offer your institution the best loan options:

Total debt and debt history
Membership & attendance trends
Financial history of your church
History of your ministry
Giving versus budget and actual spending
Value of the collateral for the loan

Since all situations are unique, the best way to determine how much your church or institution qualifies for is to call us at 800-984-9425.

What About Balloon Loans?

Loans can be structured using an amortization period that is longer than the term of the loan. While doing so will result in a lower monthly payment, it will also mean that there will be a balance owing on the maturity date, which either needs to then be paid in full or refinanced – usually for an additional cost. Thrivent Financial prefers to offer loans that are structured with the same term and amortization period. In that event there’s no need to refinance as the amount owing will be $0, and there’s also no need to re-qualify for a new loan at the maturity date.

Example Comparison

What Do These Loan Terms Mean?

If you have questions about such words as Fixed-Rate Period, Amortization, Balloon Payment or others, please review our Glossary.

Let Us Help You

We offer a no-obligation savings review for churches considering a refinance. Let our team of loan professional’s work with you to customize a solution that matches your ministry’s plans. There are many benefits to contacting us early in your process to review your options. Call us at 800-984-9425 for a loan review to learn about your loan or refinancing options.

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