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Serving Christian Churches
and Institutions Across the Country

We are currently providing mortgage financing to over 1,000 Christian churches and institutions. We continue to be devoted to these communities of faith and are committed to helping them further their ministries. We are a Christian not-for-profit membership organization and group of experienced loan professionals who understand the unique cash flow cycle, governance structure, processes and ministry goals of Christian churches and institutions.

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Refinancing and Improvements

Refinancing or Improving

Whether refinancing or improving your facilities so you can make a bigger difference in your community, Thrivent shares your vision and hope for the future.
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Understands unique needs

Understands unique needs

Rev. Lynn Miller talks about how Thrivent understands the unique needs of churches and how our approach to financing helped her church free up more dollars for ministry.
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Partnering with Thrivent

Partnering with Thrivent

Hear how partnering with Thrivent to refinance their mortgage provided Judson Baptist Church of Nashville, TN with the opportunity to be on track to fulfill their vision.
We are so glad to have found a ministry partner in Thrivent! They are the first lender we have worked with that truly cares to understand our mission and vision, and then works hard to help us accomplish our goals.*
-- Eagle Brook Church, Lino Lakes, Minnesota
* This organization's experience may not be the same as other organizations and does not indicate future performance or success.