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Thrivent Church Financing wants to provide you with information, tools and resources that support your role as a financial decision-maker. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for additional resources and tools. You can reach us by calling 800-984-9425, emailing or filling out our Contact Us form.

Articles & eBook Installments

The following articles and eBooks are designed to help churches be wise with their money.

10 Tips for Financing Ministry Expansion

Growing ministries face financial and facility capacity constraints on a regular basis. One important question is, How does a ministry prepare for financing its growth?

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A New Perspective on Church Refinancing

One man’s story from missionary kid to church lender

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Common Thread No. 3: Understanding why underwriters value different income sources differently

Explore why tithes and offerings are handled differently on your loan application than coffee shop revenue or rental income.

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Common Thread No. 2: Understanding which construction costs don’t add
to property value

In this article we address the differences between construction costs and the final value of a project.

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Common Thread No. 1: Understanding the differences in financing options

In this article we address the differences in financing options.

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Financial Reserves - Does my church really need them?

In this article we address the benefits and hurdles of a church having financial reserves.

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Repurposed Facilities – Financial Pros & Cons

This installment reviews several sources of facility funding and how each might work in your ministry’s unique situation.

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Refinancing - Decoding the Process

In this installment, we discuss refinancing and how to compare offers from various lenders or even the options from a single lender.

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Financing Projects: Borrowing vs. Capital Campaigns

This installment reviews several sources of facility funding and how each might work in your ministry’s unique situation.

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Tools & Templates

Lender Comparison Worksheet

This worksheet provides a framework to compare and analyze various loan offers.

Sources & Uses Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to track the many details of a construction project. We’ve provided common categories to help capture detail as well as space for additional items unique to your project.

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